SEAFORD: National park’s doorstep to be site for homes?

AN AREA of land next to the South Downs National Park in Seaford could become home to a housing development.

Land at the end of Chyngton Way, pictured above, has been highlighted as a potential location that could see 83 homes built on it.

It is one of several sites that are being considered for inclusion in Lewes District Council’s (LDC) local development framework.

A spokesman for LDC stressed that if the area was put forward in the document, it would not mean building work would necessarily go ahead on the land – known locally as the Chyngton Field area – and would be, at this stage, an assessment study.

The Friends of Seaford Head has sent out letters advising people of the potential proposal.

John Foxley, of the Friends of Seaford Head said, “The area enjoys suitable protection for rural and landscape issues in the current plan known as the Seaford Town Plan.

“We would like to see those rural and landscape policies enhanced into the local development framework proposal.

“I don’t think it’s an area of land that’s suitable for building on especially as it’s now adjacent to the South Downs National Park and is adjacent to Chyngton Farm which is owned by the National Trust.

“It abuts the concrete road that leads into the iconic area of Seaford Head and Seven Sisters Country Park.”

A series of meetings was sponsored by LDC months ago which carried out a public consultation about preparations for the local development plan.

A firm of consultants was then asked by Lewes District Council to assess areas of land for potential housing development.