SEAFORD: Horse deaths provoke Facebook support page

A FACEBOOK page has been set up following the deliberate killing of a horse in Alfriston to offer support and other services for riders in the Sussex community.

Melanie Jarvis-Vaughan, from Rainbow Bridge Horse Rescue (RBHR), decided, along with the other girls from RBHR, to get the website up and running after hearing of the death of Rascal, an 18-month-old Lagdon Cob.

The animal was found dead in a field in Alfriston and a post mortem showed he had died of multiple injuries which were thought to have been inflicted by a sharp object.

The news rocked villagers and those in the horse riding community.

Weeks later a second horse was found dead in the village, although at the time police said they were not linking the two incidents.

Melanie, who set up the self-funded rescue scheme RBHR with a friend and their daughters, which sees many horses cared for and then re-homed, said, “I had an injury 15 months ago.

“I spent a lot of recovery time looking at horses and there was the two incidents in Alfriston.

“I thought how much Facebook is a fantastic network and why not set up a Facebook page and share information, questions and so on.”

The page is called Sussex Horse Community and already has around 160 members that have joined.

Once people are a member they can share advice, organise hack meet ups, ask questions and also share information about any suspicious behaviour or thefts at any yards.

Eastbourne resident Melanie said she was ‘thrilled’ with the response so far and is keen for anyone interested to join up at: