Schools are kept waiting over new pupil numbers

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The launch of the new Gildredge House Free School in Eastbourne has triggered problems for the allocation of school places for reception age and Year 7 secondary school applicants for September 2013, according to concerned councillors.

Due to delays in agreeing funding from the Department for Education, parents who have an offer of a place at the new school have been kept waiting before being able to confirm that they will not require their place at one of the town’s established schools.

As a consequence of the delays, Liberal Democrat councillors say schools are being kept waiting to find out how many new pupils they will have on roll in September

County councillor Alan Shuttleworth said, “It’s an intolerable situation for local headteachers who do not know which pupils will be joining the school after the summer break. How are they meant to plan for the autumn term?

“It is not acceptable that we have confusion, a lack of information and a chaotic situation at a time when parents, youngsters and headteachers need to be fully informed to ensure a smooth transition for children starting new schools.”