Schoolgirl’s father says he would be proud to walk daughter down aisle to wed Jeremy Forrest

CCTV images.
CCTV images.

Eastbourne has been thrown in to the media spotlight with the Jeremy Forrest case, and this weekend the national press have reported comments from the schoolgirl saying she will stand by her teacher lover and the pair plan to wed.

The Sun newspaper has also published comments from her biological father saying he would be proud to walk her down the aisle.

It also emerged his daughter is planning to pay him a jail visit.

The father claimed it would be ‘a dream’ for his daughter if she and Forrest ended up getting married when he is freed.

The teenager was 15 when maths teacher Forrest started a sexual relationship but she has since turned 16 and telling the national press she is old enough to make her own decisions.

She is currently living with her stepfather in Eastbourne after her relationship with her mum broke down.

Comments from the father of the girl were reported in The Sun.

The man said, “I’d be proud to walk my daughter down the aisle with the man she loves.

“I honestly believe he loves my daughter and she’s besotted with him. She has made it clear she wants a future with him. Hopefully with good behaviour he may be freed on parole after a few years.

“If they have a future together that’s fine by me and they would have my blessing. I should hate him for what he’s done but I don’t — in fact, I’d like to meet him.

“I’d like to visit him in prison, shake his hand and say, ‘Thanks for looking after my daughter’. I would be nice to him.”

The girl has sent a letter to Forrest’s parents telling them the way she feels about her maths teacher and that she will be waiting for him.

The letter was printed in the Daily Mail. The national paper also had an interview with Forrest’s sister, Carrie Hanspaul.

Mrs Hanspaul Forrest was nervous on the day the girl gave evidence in court in case she did not return his smile.

She told the Mail, “He was worried that maybe her feelings had changed. I don’t think he could have withstood it if she’d rejected him.”

She added, “Obviously I’ve thought about this – I can see it from a different perspective because I do have three daughters.

‘It’s hard – girls do fall in love at 15. They can lose their innocence if you like, with someone of their own age.

‘Jeremy didn’t set out to do that. They really did fall in love.”

Meanwhile, a string of girls have gone to the papers to say they were targetted by Forrest as schoolgirls. Chloe Queen, now 17, told The Sun Forrest would ‘routinely cuddle’ her when she was 13.