Road safety petition nets 300 signatures

Safer crossing campaign, Seaford
Safer crossing campaign, Seaford

A petition calling for a safer crossing on a busy Seaford road close to schools has attracted around 300 signatures.

This week campaigners gathered in a show of support for the proposals to create a safer crossing on Belgrave Road near the junction with Kingsmead.

Action group Think School Travel and Cllr Carolyn Lambert, who both launched the petition, will present it to East Sussex County Council later this month.

Cllr Lambert (Lib Dem, Seaford Sutton)said, “We are delighted at the support we have received for a safe crossing over this dangerous road.

“The support we have had has been absolutely incredible.”

The petition has also garnered the support of local schools and Seaford Police, as well as Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Campaigners will hand the petition in on March 22 and it will then be considered by East Sussex County Council.

Think School Travel founder Carol Edwards said, “We must have more than 300 signatures. We visited all the residents in the area. They are all absolutely in support of it. Seaford Police have been a fantastic support to us.”

Campaigners say Belgrave Road, which bisects the west side of Seaford, is used as a rat run.

There is a large population to the north of Belgrave Road on the Kingsmead Housing Estate and the petitioners pointed out there have been several accidents over the last few years. Children cross this road to access two of the primary schools in Seaford as well as Seaford Head Community College. Elderly and disabled residents have also expressed concern at the difficulty in crossing this street to access the town centre, and the police and local councillors have received repeated complaints about speeding.

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