Restaurants see improvements to hygiene ratings

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A number of Eastbourne restaurants previously deemed as needing urgent improvement have transformed to achieve ratings at the top end of the Food Standards Agency scale.

Curry King, on South Street, was deemed to have zero stars at its inspection on February 4, 2014 but after being visited by the agency’s inspectors again last week, was given an impressive four stars.

The Indian takeaway restaurant prepares its food daily to ensure it remains fresh and was deemed as being ‘good’ in the categories of food hygiene, cleanliness and ventilation of the building and management of food records.

Johur Miah said, “Our rating has always been very high but on the date of our last inspection, we’d been experiencing very heavy rain.

“Our premises is underneath two flats and we have a courtyard out the back that was flooded because the drain above was partially blocked. There was no water getting into the building but it still did not look very good to the inspectors. That was the main reason for our low score.

“We’re very proud of our restaurant and the food we serve. We have four stars now and we hope to achieve a five by the next inspection.”

Alexandra Arms, on Seaside, was given a one-star rating after its inspection on November 28, 2012. Since then, the pub restaurant has undergone a huge redevelopment and called in the inspectors last week to give them a more up-to-date and accurate rating. Following the visit, the Food Standards Agency rated the establishment as having the maximum five stars, which translates as ‘very good’.

Manager Scott Morton said, “We underwent a massive refurbishment and re-opened again in February of this year. We are more of a restaurant-type pub now and have masses of seating, including booths and tables. There’s new carpet and tiled floors throughout the premises and customers have commented on how much better it looks.

“We serve traditional pub food daily from 9am-9pm (10am-9pm on Sundays). We’re very proud of the food and service we provide at very reasonable prices. There are always great deals on to suit adults, children, families and large groups.

“We have a conservatory and a pub garden, which is also going to undergo a huge transformation in the upcoming months. We welcome anybody to come along and try the food at our five-star pub restaurant.”

Thai Marina, at Sovereign Harbour, defended its one-star rating. A spokesperson for the restaurant said, “We have been in Eastbourne for many years and have never had any problems. We were a five-star restaurant up until this most recent visit, when the Food Standards Agency gave us a one, but the only thing we had changed before that visit was to implement more controls.

“Our food is excellent and I would say we have one of the cleanest kitchens in Eastbourne. Our other restaurant, Seeracha, has five stars.

“I’m confident in our next inspection, due next year, we will return to the five-star rating we deserve.”

Seafront Tandoori, on Seaside, was given two stars in their most recent inspection, which means some improvement is still necessary at the authentic Indian restaurant.