Resident’s anger over no mobile signal

A frustrated Herstmonceux resident said he has been unable to use his mobile for more than three weeks after a phone mast in the village was turned off.

Chris Smith who has an Orange iPhone 4S believes hundreds of people in the area will have faced the same problems.

The 34-year-old said his problems began after the Orange phone mast in Hailsham Road in Herstmoncuex was turned off and he is now unable to use his mobile in the village, Magham Down, Hellingly and other surrounding areas, and has been told the situation doesn’t look set to change.

EE is one network which also incorporates Orange and T-Mobile and Mr Smith said anyone using one of those providers would be unable to receive any signal in the village.

Mr Smith said, “The phone mast has been turned off leaving people with no signal whatsoever and the nearest phone mast to us now I think is in Heathfield.

“I can’t get hold of anyone.

“There is no payphone for people to use in the village and not everyone has landlines.”

Mr Smith, who has a £50 contract, says he has not been offered a refund and was concerned that people with no landline could be stuck if they needed to get hold of emergency services.

A spokesperson for the EE press office told the Hailsham Gazette it was currently investigating the issue.