Rescuers over-run with young gulls

Seagulls on Eastbourne promenade. July 4th 2013 E27217P
Seagulls on Eastbourne promenade. July 4th 2013 E27217P

A wildlife rescuer says he is over-run with calls about young gulls and is unable to answer and respond to them all.

Trevor Weeks MBE, from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) is receiving up to 75 calls a day about young gulls.

He said, “Sadly however much we would like to take in every wild animal or bird, we just aren’t big enough and the facilities, funding and time does not allow us to.

“We continue to do as many rescues as possible, helping to put young gulls back on roof tops where possible, and dealing with injured ones, and in some situations where either too young or there is nowhere safe we have delivered the youngsters to those who can care for them.

“Fledglings should be left alone even if on the ground unless injured. During this time the parents often withhold food in an attempt to encourage the gulls to fly up to them, this is normal.”