Remembering town’s fallen

WW1 Roll of Honour Eastbourne Town Hall SUS-140729-123239001
WW1 Roll of Honour Eastbourne Town Hall SUS-140729-123239001

With the anniversary of the outbreak of World War One this week, Looking Back is remembering Eastbourne’s fallen, thanks to the Roll of Honour website which details the hundreds of men killed.

The main war memorial in the town is on the landing of the main steps at Eastbourne Town Hall.

The list of names can be found on the Roll of Honour website at and the website also includes all of the personal details of each person including their regiment, age, parentage, where and when they were killed and finally where they are buried.

James Stephen AKEHURST, Sydney Ware AKEHURST, Harry George ALDRED, John Frederick ALDRIDGE, Edward John ALDRIDGE, Leonard George ALDRIDGE,

William ALLEN, Edward ALLCHORN, George ALLCHORN, John ALLCOCK, Donald AMBROSE, Charles ANCOCK, Charles AMOS, Alfred ANDREW, Sydney ANDREWS. Williams ANDREWS, Frank ARMENER, Cecil ARNOLD, Hugh ARNOLD, James ARNOLD, James ARUNDEL, Arnold ATKINSON, Leonard ATTRIDGE, John AUCKETT. Donald AUSTIN, Harry AVARD, William AVARD, Harry AVERY, Frederick AVIS, Morgan AVERY.

Alfred BABER, Albert BAILEY, Arthur BAILEY, Charles BAILEY, Reginald BAILEY, Edgar BAKER, William James BAKER, William Thomas BAKER, William Wallace, Edwin BALDWIN, Thomas BALDWIN, William BALDWIN, Thomas BALE, Ronald BAND, Herman BANKS, George BARBER, William BARBER, David BARHAM

Frederick BARNARD, Mark BARNARD, Tom BARNARD, William BARNARD, Harry BARNETT, Henry BARRETT, John BARROW, James BARTLETT, John BASS, Charles BAULCOMB, Frank BAULCOMB, John BAULCOMB, William BAULCOMB, Albert BAYLEY, Thomas BEALL, Edgar BEAMAN, Leonard BENTON, Arthur BECK, Arthur

BEECHAM, Weedon BELLMAN, Arthur BENNETT, Charles BENNETT, Ronald BENTON, Albert BERRY, Walter BERRY, A BEST, John BETTS, Francis BEWSHER, Frederick BIDDLE, Arthur BIGG, Arthur BIGNELL, Cecil BIGNELL, Charles BIGNELL, Frederick BIGNELL, Joseph BIGNELL, John BIRD, Wilfrid BIRD, Arthur BISHOP, William BISHOP, Benjamin BLACK, Harry BLACKBURN, J BLACKMAN, Thomas BLACKMAN, William BLAKE, William BLAND, Henry BLATHWAYT

Alick BLYTH, William BOND, Reginald BONFIELD, Benjamin BONIFACE, George Henry BONIFACE, George Thomas BONIFACE, Martin BONIFACE, William BONIFACE, Albert BOOTH, Charles BOULTON, Henry BOURNE, Harry BOWDEN, Henry BOWLER, Sidney BOYS, Abraham BRADFORD, Benjamin BRADFORD, Frederick


George BRANCH, Arthur BRAY, Frank BRAY, Charles REACH, Thomas BRETON-ROSCOE, Hubert BREWER, Hugh BREWSTER, Patrick BRICKLEY, Gerald BRIDGER

Edward BRISCOE, Charles BRISTOW, William BROCKWELL, Hugh BRODIE, Albert BROMLEY, Ernest BROOK, William BROOKER, Arthur BROOKS, George BROOKS, Frederick BROOKSHAW, Frederick BROWN, George BROWN, Harry BROWN, Harry BROWN, John BROWN, Walter BROWN, Frederick BROWN, William BROWN, Frederick BRUNT, Guy BRYAN-BROWN, Charles BRYANT, William BRYANT, Reginald BUCKWELL, Robert BUDD, Lionel BURBERRY, Francis BURFORD, George BURGESS, George Robert BURGESS, Richard BURNIER, Frederick , John BURROW, Cecil BURT, William BURT, Albert BURTENSHAW, Charles BURTENSHAW, Reginald BURTENSHAW, Harry BUSHELL, Henry BUTCHER, Stanley BUTCHERD, Frederick BUTLER, Percy BUTT, George BUTTON, Leonard BUTTON, Thomas