Remember the Second Doctor at Seven Sisters?

Step into your Tardis and cast your mind back to the spring of 1969 if you can.

A film company is asking Seaford residents if they have memories of a Dr Who programme being shot in Seven Sisters Country Park, 38 years ago.

The episode was transmitted a few months later and showed Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor fighting off a race of aliens from historical periods including ancient Rome.

If you saw the sack of Rome taking place at Exceat it might be memorable. And that's what a DVD company is hoping as they put together 'Now and Then' memories from people who witnessed the programme being made to go with a DVD set of restored episodes.

If anyone remembers the film crew coming to East Sussex they are asked to make contact with the producers.

Photographs of the BBC filming in the area would be particularly welcome but your memories could well put you in front of the camera.

Contact Richard Bignell on, and he could whisk you away in a blue phone box to a film studio.