Redoubt turns back clock

Redoubt Fortress SUS-140722-091254001
Redoubt Fortress SUS-140722-091254001

The Redoubt Fortress will be raising its defences once again as the annual Napoleonic weekend returns this weekend (July 26-27).

Featuring historical re-enactments, musket firing, cooking and even the horrible history of battlefield surgery, visitors can experience life as it would have been in the early 1800s.

From singing around the campfire to military drills and weaponry, re-enactment groups will be presenting skirmishes in the fortress as three regiments join in on all the battlefield action.

Featuring the First Footguards, Cameron Highlanders and the 45eme Infanterie Regiment de Ligne from France, the three groups will present a realistic skirmish and talk about how battles were fought and what life was like for a soldier in the early 1800s.

A Georgian surgeon will also be on hand to talk about the grisly procedures endured by the unfortunate soldiers injured on the battlefield.

Councillor Carolyn Heaps said, “This is a superb fun and educational event that will appeal to all of the family.

“From military enthusiasts to young fans of ‘Horrible Histories’, this is a great opportunity to step back in time by 200 years and experience the realistic noise and smoke of gun powder.”

In the 1800s the Redoubt Fortress could house up to 200 men inside with a further 150 camping on the parade ground, which may have also included wives and children too.

Visitors will be able to talk to solders in the parade ground encampment to discover what everyday life was really like.

The event culminates in a live action skirmish to see if the French can finally take the Redoubt, or if the fog of war helps the brave defenders to outflank their enemy.

Defend the Redoubt takes place at the Redoubt Fortress from 10am – 4pm. Entry fee is £5 adults, £4 concessions, £3 children, or a family ticket £15.

Entry fee includes access to the military museum and exhibitions which currently include McGill’s War.