Rebecca’s hot tea disaster in Bonners

Rebecca Davidson
Rebecca Davidson

Despite being just eight-years-old Rebecca Davidson has always loved a cup of tea.

But she isn’t so keen now after her experience last weekend when she picked up a cup a black tea and it slipped from her hands, with the steaming liquid poured down her legs.

Luckily her Dad Nick was close by and, keeping a cool head, immediately leapt into action by removing Willingdon Junior School pupil Rebecca’s leggings and put cold water onto her rapidly reddening skin.

The accident happened in Bonners in Langney Road on Saturday afternoon and after initial first aid from Bonners staff, Rebecca was taken to the DGH.

Her parents Nick and Jacqui who live in Lower Willingdon have praised staff at both the DGH and the specialist Burns Unit at East Grinstead.

“At the DGH Rebecca received just the best treatment from everyone we came into contact with,” said Jacqui.

“After arriving I explained the situation to the lady on reception and a paramedic overheard our conversation and immediately headed off to get some specialist burns treatment for her legs. The fact she received this treatment so quickly made a huge difference.

“The nurse, accompanied by a student and doctor were all fantastic.

“They sent photographs of Rebecca’s blistering burns to the unit in East Grinstead, which is where we ended our afternoon.

“All too often we hear people complaining about the service they receive at the DGH and those voices always seem to be the loudest but I have to say we would like to shout louder and say how wonderful all the staff are and how grateful we are for the treatment Rebecca received.

“My daughter will soon heal and other than keeping her favourite cuppa at arm’s length, she should be none the worse for her experience, however I am not sure I can say the same for her white leggings.”