Re-enactment volunteers suit up for Great War Weekend

Redbout Great War event, Eastbourne
Redbout Great War event, Eastbourne

FIRST World War soldiers were out in force at the Redoubt Fortress for a host of historical re-enactments.

Volunteers dressed up in authentic uniforms for the Great War Weekend, with families heading down and taking part in a string of hands-on activities at the fortress.

The idea behind the event was to give young and adult the chance to learn more about the war. Youngsters, like those pictured, were encouraged to try on the soldiers’ outfits and take a closer look at some of the equipment used during the 1914-18 conflict – including using trench signalling kit to send their own coded messages.

And, mindful of the hugely popular West End smash War Horse, the line-up included the men and horses of the Essex Yeomanry.