Quick thinking passer-by helps save man’s life

Broad Street Seaford August 24th 2012 E35002N
Broad Street Seaford August 24th 2012 E35002N

THE ACTIONS of a passer-by who gave CPR to an elderly man who collapsed outside shops in Seaford’s Broad Street has been praised by the emergency services.

The unknown man went to the aid of the gentleman who was taken ill near Clinton Cards.

The incident happened at around 11.30am and was witnessed by shoppers and residents in the street.

A community responder – who responds to calls on behalf of the ambulance service – also arrived at the scene.

The responder was followed shortly by paramedics who also had to resuscitate the man in his 70s and took him to Eastbourne DGH in a serious condition.

A spokesman for South East Coast Ambulance Service said, “We would like to say a massive thanks to those that provide help before we arrive.

“Without their actions and starting CPR our job is so much harder.

“We’re very grateful for any help we receive at incidents such as this. They should be very proud of their quick actions.

“Their actions have undoubtedly given the person a better possible chance of survival.

“It’s important in these situations to follow the instructions of the emergency call taker.”

The incident on August 10 was also witnessed by Seaford resident Heather Curran who saw the man give him CPR ahead of the paramedics arriving.

She said both the man who helped and the ambulance staff were amazing, adding, “He managed to get him breathing and talked to him until a paramedic came.

“The gentleman who helped was very calm and went off with his wife and daughter and I was truly amazed by his kindness and manner in which he dealt with this shocking incident.

“After he left, the man stopped breathing and the paramedic again worked on him until he began to breathe again.

“The ambulance arrived and he stopped breathing once more – the ambulance team and paramedic managed to bring him back and took him in the ambulance.”

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