Producer’s aim to put town on big screen

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An Eastbourne-based film producer is hoping to put the resort on the big screen.

Successful film producer Jonathan Sothcott has just moved to Eastbourne and says it would be the perfect location for a movie.

The 32-year-old has just completed filming on his latest movie, vigilante thriller Vendetta starring Danny Dyer, Emma Samms, Bruce Payne and Roxanne McKee.

He moved to Eastbourne from West London in January, seeking a more relaxed pace of life when not filming, and lives on the seafront near the Grand Hotel.

Best known for his successful movies such as White Collar Hooligan and The Fall of the Essex Boys, Jonathan is one of the most prolific producers working in the UK movie business today with more than 20 credits to his name and is often referred to as ‘the one man film industry’.

Despite his success making often very violent movies, Jonathan says he’s a quiet soul really and is happy to leave the gangsters and the hooligans at work.

“I’m a real homebody,” he said, “and you’re much more likely to see me buying books in Camilla’s or Tome, or art from Emma Mason, than boozing in the pubs around here.”

Jonathan is taken enough with Eastbourne that he’s already thinking about making a movie here.

“I think it would make a great setting for a really dark seaside noir. It is such a beautiful town and would look great on the big screen.” His company, Richwater Films, has an office on Shaftesbury Avenue in London but he is considering opening one in Eastbourne which he says would create jobs and act as a potential first step into the film business for local talent.

He said, “If I can find a way of giving local talent a break, then of course I will.”