Policeman heading to Poland - on a rocking horse

A plucky policeman rested for a night in Eastbourne as he attempted to travel from Lands End to Poland – on a rocking horse!

Andy Seery, a Metropolitan Police officer, began the madcap 2,000-mile journey on April Fools Day travelling to Sroda Wlkp Polska, in central Poland, while wearing a suit of armour and dragging along the rocking horse on wheels.

Last Thursday (April 12) Andy took some well-deserved shelter at the Da Vinci Hotel in Howard Square after pulling the horse along for the first 11 days.

Andy, 44, is raising money for a number of charities and was first inspired to take to road in 2010 after life‐changing surgery for a severe spinal injury the previous year.

He established the Mad Cop charity and in April 2010 he ran solo from Trafalgar Square to Poland, completing 1,200 miles or the equivalent of 40 marathons in 31 days.

The following year he travelled along the roads of Europe to the Ukraine border in a 13-foot converted topper yacht, dressed as a teddy bear!

Roshan Jathanna, the manager of the Da Vinci Hotel, let Andy stay at the hotel free of charge and said he was very grateful for the rest and some food.

Roshan said, “He’s a very nice guy and I was glad to help out.

“He was really hungry when he arrived and very tired because the suit of armour weighs around 40kg.

“And because he’s trying to keep the costs down he hadn’t eaten properly in two days.”

The brave fundraiser is travelling without a back‐up van and support team and hopes to complete the mammoth task in 42 days or less.

The charities which will benefit from his efforts are the Starlight Children’s Foundation, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, and The Injured Jockeys Fund.

To find out more or to make a donation visit www.madcop2.org.