Police working in hot spots

It was with some interest that l read your article concerning the well-deserved award to Dick Barton, the former Eastbourne chief of Police.

It may be of some interest to many of your readers that there are in fact several ex-police officers still resident in Eastbourne who have worked or continue to work in some of the world real ‘Hot spots” East Timor, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and Somalia to name a few.

Retaining Eastbourne as their base many have extremely interesting stories with medals to show for their extraordinary efforts.

But having said that and fully recognising their achievements, there must also be many ordinary people who leave their families and comfortable lives in Eastbourne to undertake voluntary work providing humanitarian assistance with to those persons less fortunate and in real need in many of the world’s war- torn countries.

So congratulations to Dick but it would be excellent to hear some of the amazing stories from other Eastbourne residents who receive no medals or accolades but put themselves at risk day after day providing real lifesaving assistance to other overseas.

Just a thought from a former police office and eastbourne resident now working with UNICEF Somalia.


Unicef Somalia.