Police crackdown on tired tyres nets four victims

FOUR vehicles were stopped from continuing their journeys during a tyre crackdown by police on the A27.

Sussex Police checked 130 vehicles in a roadside check on the A27 at Beddingham, near Lewes, on Friday morning.

The campaign was in support of National Tyre Safety Month, in anticipation of the onset of the winter months and held in conjunction with Vehicle and Operator Services Agency. Besides informaton about tyre safety, drivers were also given advice on the general condition of their vehicles with regard to winter driving. Police say that a significant number were found to have minor faults with their lighting.

Four vehicles were given prohibitions by VOSA due to the illegal condition of their tyres, which meant they were unable to continue their journeys until the tyres had been changed.

PC Barry Freeman said: “The checks we conducted on Friday highlight the need for all drivers to regularly check their tyres and their overall vehicle condition.

“Defects in your tyres can significantly affect your vehicle leading to an increased risk of being involved in a collision, particularly with the approach of winter.”