Police campaign on drink drive dangers

The dangers of drink driving have been highlighted in a week-long series of events by Sussex Police.

With summer underway officers have been working alongside East Sussex Fire Rescue Service and South East Coast Ambulance Service to enforce the message to do one or the other, but not both.

On Monday public uniform services students at Sussex Downs College received a visit from police and took part in a series of activities to get an understanding of how drinking affects your ability. The team wore ‘beer goggles’ and had to walk a straight line while counting to nine and then balance on one foot.

They were also spoken to by the fire service and learnt about road traffic collisions they have attended.

Sussex Police has also been busy staging live web-chats and tweeting updates of its drink drive checks.

Chief Inspector for the Road Policing Unit, Phil Nicholas said, “This week of live events and tweeting is our way to find inventive ways to engage with the public and give a behind-the-scenes view of what happens during our checks in Sussex.

“It is unfortunately our job, along with the other emergency services, to deal with the collisions that have been caused by a drink driver.

“Collisions are always difficult to deal with, especially when, if someone had made the decision not to drink and drive, they could have been prevented.

“We would encourage anyone with information about drink drivers in Sussex to text our drink drive text number on 65999 with the registration number, where it is, and when it’s likely to be driven. This information or any call to the police will be dealt with and could save someone’s life.”

To watch a video of students taking part in the activities visit: www.eastbourneherald.co.uk.