Pharmacists give support to bowel cancer campaign

GPs and pharmacists across Eastbourne are throwing their weight behind a campaign aimed at tackling bowel cancer.

Launched on Monday, the drive will try and highlight the dangers of the disease and encourage locals to make more of an effort to get any symptoms checked early.

Bowel cancer is the second largest cancer killer in England but catching it early makes it much more treatable.

The advice from Eastbourne doctors is that people should visit their GP if they have loose poo or blood in poo for more than three weeks.

Dr Gabriel Scally, one of those backing the campaign, said, “Although the great majority of those presenting with these symptoms will not have bowel cancer, some will – and early diagnosis improves the chances of successful treatment.

“A pilot of this campaign was run in the east of England and the south west last year and it was very successful.

“There was a significant increase in the number of people being referred by their GP to a hospital consultant and a consequential increase in the number of people being tested for bowel cancer.”

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