Petition over school ‘ban’ on using mobile phones

Pupils from Seaford Head School SUS-140303-152901001
Pupils from Seaford Head School SUS-140303-152901001

A petition which has been launched after pupils were ‘banned’ from using their mobile phones in their breaks has gained support from hundreds of people.

Students from Seaford Head School were told they could not use the devices during the school day unless directed to by a teacher for educational reasons.

The letter informing parents and students of the decision has angered many pupils and a petition has so far been supported by 348 people.

It reads, ‘We, the student body of Seaford Head, are putting forward this petition to show how unhappy and annoyed we are about the ban on using phones at break time and lunch time.

“We understand that they can be a big distraction in lessons and this is not a petition asking to use them in lessons. “This is a petition to ask for the ban on using phones at break and lunch to be lifted.”

But the move has caused a mixed reaction from other pupils, one of whom said, ‘If we need to use our phones to contact our parents, we should be able to in our free time, ie lunchtimes and break’ but another person added, ‘What do you think students did prior to mobile phones? We used the phone box or asked the school to call them. You still have your phones to contact parents once school is finished. Do all students obey the no use of phones during lessons?’

The letter sent out to explains that should pupils need to contact home they can take their phone to student services where they will be able to text or phone a parent and the school believed it was its duty, along with parents, to guide young people into using technology appropriately.

Headteacher Lynton Golds said, “Since the decision, the school has received a significant number of letters and emails from parents, students and the wider community who support the policy and recognise the value of helping students improve their face to face communication skills as well as trying to educate them on the dangers that can be associated with social media.”

The petition can be found at: