Patient labels surgery move to Hastings as ‘totally wrong’

conquest hospital
conquest hospital

An 81-year-old man has criticised the move to transfer emergency surgery from the Eastbourne DGH to the Conquest Hospital after spending nearly four days being diagnosed and treated, despite his condition being labelled ‘as a matter of life and death’.

Derek Brady, of Compton Place Road, visited his GP on Friday, December 13 and was told he needed urgent hospital treatment, only for the DGH to send him straight to Hastings.

After being put into a bed at 4.35pm on Friday evening, Mr Brady wasn’t diagnosed until Sunday morning, at which point he was asked to remain in hospital for a CTI scan on Monday. He was eventually discharged at 1.30pm on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr Brady said, “Fortunately it was not a matter of life and death - I would have most certainly have been dead.

“I want to emphasise the consultant, nurses and assistants did all they could but were pushed beyond belief because no plans were made by management to cope with patients arriving from Eastbourne.

“The staff were simply left without any help whatsoever. The decision to move departments from Eastbourne to Hastings is totally wrong.”

Jayne Cannon, Head of Nursing for General Surgery, said, “We would apologise that Mr Brady felt we did not deal with his investigations and treatment in a timely way. The Lead Consultant who was on call that weekend requested a scan more for Mr Brady’s reassurance following his previous surgery and not because it was deemed clinically urgent.

“We completely refute his claims that we had not planned for the move of emergency general surgery. On the contrary we had planned and prepared for the move with additional staff to cope with the expected demand and reduced elective activity in the week leading up to the move to make more beds available.”