Parking rule still apply, often regardless of hour

MOTORISTS who think they are safe when flouting parking rules after 6pm should beware – wardens handed out 372 fines in Eastbourne between 6pm and 10pm last year.

Up to £26,000 was made from the fines, which cost between £25 or £70 depending on when they are paid.

The figures were released to the Herald under the Freedom of Information Act after drivers got in touch to express surprise that they were getting ticketed late at night. A spokesman from East Sussex County Council said late patrols were standard practice and wardens would monitor areas where residents had raised concerns.

He added some roads with parking restrictions can be patrolled for every minute of the day, every day of the week.

“Parking wardens’ normal hours are from 8am to 6pm,” said the spokesman. “However, they do carry out evening patrols when residents ask them to.

“This could be in response to problems people are having with parking or complaints of inconsiderate parking causing concerns over road safety.

“It should be noted that although the majority of parking restrictions finish at 6pm, there are some, including double yellow lines, disabled bays and taxi ranks, where restrictions remain in force 24 hours a day. Drivers will always run the risk of being issued with a Parking Caution Notice if they park in such locations.”

Parking fine hotspots included Grove Road, South Street, Pevensey Road, Seaside Road and Langney Road where more than 150 tickets were issued last year.

The lead-up to Christmas was the most perilous parking period, with 81 drivers being penalised in November and 61 in December.

Parking wardens do not receive commission for administering fines.