Parking restrictions for ‘nightmare’ road

A road next to a busy railway station which is heavily used by motorists, is to have double yellow lines introduced.

Frustrated resident Rikki Wagstaff contacted the Herald earlier this month after she was ticked off by police for putting wheelie bins in the road outside her home because of a parking nightmare. Miss Wagstaff, of Mallard Close, which runs alongside Hampden Park Railway Station, took action after claiming commuters often parked across her driveway.

She also said a car park which was built to tackle the problem in the area was not widely used and that some motorists continues to park in the road, often dangerously. She said she and a neighbour had been putting the wheelie bins against the kerb but were informed by police they were committing a crime.

But East Sussex County Council said restrictions in the road were due to come into force later this year. The spokesperson added, “We understand local residents are concerned about this issue. We looked at Mallard Close as part of the Eastbourne parking review. As a result, proposals to install double yellow lines in Mallard Close were approved at Planning Committee on December 12 and we hope to put them in place later this year.”

Councillor Pat Hearn said that the double yellow lines would run down one side of the road and said she was joined by Councillors Mike Thompson, Jim Murray and resident Olive Woodall to speak to home owners in the road about what they wanted. She added, “Anything that helps the residents and the emergency services with the parking in that road is welcomed.”

Hampden Park Neighbourhood Panel has also been involved with the issue of parking in Hampden Park and spoken to local councillors and the county council. Chairman Sandy Boyce-Sharpe said, “We did lobby the county council with our views on parking in Hampden Park. The neighbourhood panel is very active on this issue.”