Outrage over “naughty knickers” window display

Ann Summers store Terminus Road Eastbourne. January 8th 2013 E01107Q
Ann Summers store Terminus Road Eastbourne. January 8th 2013 E01107Q

A window display of erotic lingerie at a town centre store has been criticised and labelled unacceptable.

Between Christmas and New Year the Ann Summers shop in Terminus Road was displaying crotchless knickers in its window display which led to a complaint from angry reader Eileen Robinson.

Eileen told the Herald, “The mannequins in the window have been wearing crotchless knickers and I have been in to the shop requesting they be replaced with less offensive knickers. I am not a killjoy. This shop is in between McDonald’s and the Pantomime Theatre shop, it’s inappropriate for youngsters and is not acceptable. These kind of knickers are offensive and are a reinforcement of negative views of women’s and children’s roles regarding domination of sexual identity.”

The Eastbourne branch of Ann Summers, which sells sex toys and lingerie, is one of the most successful in the south east.

A company spokesperson said, “We always carefully considers every window display and how it will be interpreted by both customers and the public. As a responsible retailer, we like to strike an appropriate balance of on-brand communications and responsible marketing. The use of erotic products being displayed in the window is not in line with current guidelines, and we have asked the store to remove these products from the display. We apologise for any offence this caused. At all times we value our customers, and the public’s, opinions and strive to achieve the right balance for satisfying both.”