Oscar is town's young mayor

HUNDREDS of students voted last week to see Oscar Hardy named as Seaford's first Young Mayor.

The 16-year-old was among four candidates from Seaford Head Community College (SHCC) who stood for the position.

The project has been led by Seaford Mayor Councillor Carolyn Lambert and means Seaford is the first town in the south east to elect a Young Mayor.

Students at the college voted electronically last week and the results were announced on Friday.

Oscar said, "It's just fantastic to be able to represent the young people of Seaford.

"I'm really happy and I think the scheme is a fantastic idea."

Oscar, who is a senior student of SHCC and vice chairman of the student council, is hoping to lower the cost of transport for young people, especially on buses and to improve the image of teenagers.

The teenager, who thinks other towns would benefit from a similar scheme, is also hoping to raise the profile of the youth club facilities that already exist in the town.

Other candidates for the role included Eleanor Homan, Danielle Pope-Harwood and Victoria Smith. Eleanor has been elected the Deputy Mayor.

Oscar added, "Eleanor and I will be speaking to Cllr Lambert and the town council about the issues we feel that young people feel strongly about and go forward from there."

Cllr Carolyn Lambert, who announced the results, said, "Nearly 800 students voted, that was most of the college.

"It went really well, the college have been great all the way through and also organised a secure system of electronic voting and that was important because that's what the young people in the steering group wanted.

"All candidates who stood were exceptional young people. Two were elected but I don't want to forget the other two - they really did themselves proud.

"Three of them came and spoke at the council meeting last week and Norman Baker has arranged for them to have a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament."