Why doesn’t Eastbourne Council take a principled stand by scrapping its own parking charges?

Resurfacing work begins on Monday to improve the pot-hole riddled Devonshire Place - work evidently paid for by county council cash generated through the unpopular pay-to-park scheme.

Introduced in 2008, despite widespread protests, it has generated £6.7 million, but curiously cost a staggering £4.7 million to maintain for a tidy profit of £1.9 million.

One has to ask, has it been worth it? Certainly £2 million of the money will go towards restructuring the town centre’s roads as part of the Arndale Centre’s redevelopment.

But how negative an impact has it had on businesses in Eastbourne and have we seen a commensurate improvement in the standard of our roads. Motorists and their battered vehicles would probably argue not.

The Liberal Democrat-led Eastbourne Borough Council wants the scheme scrapped and penalty charges imposed against illegal parkers.

A popular move, a future election-winner maybe, and it will be interesting to see after their success in the county council elections whether Eastbourne pressure is now put on the Lewes-based administration where there is no overall political control .

But perhaps, as a principled gesture, the council could put its money where its mouth is by scrapping parking charges at the Wish Tower, Fisherman’s Green, Fort Fun, Hyde Gardens and yes, Devonshire Place, where there are borough council parking meters.