Watch stunts at the seaside - but don’t try them at home!

Eastbourne Extreme ENGSUS00120131206093520
Eastbourne Extreme ENGSUS00120131206093520
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It’s Eastbourne Extreme this weekend boys and girls! Eastbourne Extreme is a show on the beach with loads of cool and exciting sports that aren’t normally on the television.

My favourite event is something called Parkour because it involves lots of running, and I love to run. The people who do Parkour get to run over, under, in, out, around and through all sorts of things, such as cars and buildings. It looks really fun but you have to be very careful not to slip or fall over. I can’t ride a bike but I love to watch the BMX shows too. These men use their bikes to climb ladders and jump over railings – it’s really cool!

While it’s a lot of fun to watch people do these stunts, you must remember they have had lots of training. Don’t try any of the tricks at home otherwise mummy and daddy will tell you off!