Out in the Field with chief reporter Annemarie Field: Pointing way forward at King’s Drive roundabout

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AS MUCH as I would like to think somebody at the county council reads my rants and ramblings each week and takes notes, I doubt if that is why somebody has finally got their brush and paint out and daubed some lovely new bright white arrows at the Kings Drive roundabout.

As you come up to the roundabout from the hospital it’s never quite been clear as to which lane you should be in if you want to go ahead and it’s frequently led to some effing and jeffing and hand signals, not to mention near misses, as people ended up in the wrong lanes and a cat and mouse chase as to who could get across the quickest.

Now, thanks to some nifty highways handiwork on the road and some new roadsigns it should be clear.

The left hand lane is for people wanting to go down to the hospital and onto Jubilee Way and the right hand lane is if you want to go across or up the Rodmill.

Now, let’s hope people that don’t seem to be able to read road signs might just read it here....


TALKING of driving, people not being able to see things and temporary traffic lights on Kings Drive (again), on Tuesday morning I witnessed one of the most arrogant pieces of driving when a blue estate BMW decided the rules didn’t apply to them and as the lights were on red they overtook the van in front which had stopped, and carried on driving through it regardless of the traffic coming the other way. Oh, how I wished I had a blue light on the top of the Herald charabanc. Never mind, the registration plate is etched on my brain.


I AM often asked who is the most famous/interesting person I have ever met. Aside from Jason Donovan, who I got to interview when I was a teenage cub reporter at the Radio One Roadshow on the Wish Tower slopes, and later Labour prime minister Neil Kinnock, which wasn’t quite so glamorous, the best people I get to meet are the exceptional and inspiring folk.

And no-one fits that description more so than Sue O’Hara, who this week is remembering her beautiful daughter Tuesday who died five years ago on January 24 after battling leukaemia for four years.

Sue threw her heart and soul into setting up the Tuesday O’Hara Fund, a charity which provides financial and practical support for young people with cancer and their devastated families.

This plucky lady - together with her husband Frank and a loyal gang of friends and supporters – has raised thousands of pounds for the fund. And even when another bombshell hit the family and Sue’s lovely husband Frank died suddenly, she carried on. This year the mayor of Eastbourne’s chosen charity is the Tuesday O’Hara Fund and lots of events have already taken place to boost the coffers.

Some hardy souls took to the sea on Boxing Day for a dip (I rather cowardly remained behind the camera) and the next big event is the Mayor’s Charity Prom Fair tomorrow from 11am at the Town Hall, which is going to have not only everything that young ladies and gents these days need for their leaving school bash, but anyone looking to find the perfect dress and accessories to fit any occasion this year. Entry is only £2.50 per family and it also includes a Mayor’s Mocktail on arrival.


IT DOES annoy me when I sit in court and listen to the twaddle some defendants come out with. This week some young unemployed oik had been out drinking the night away, went nightclubbing and on his way home decided to kick off at some police officers in front of members of the public. He was duly nicked, landed in court and when he was fined he whined he didn’t have enough money to pay the fine. Mmn, funny how he had enough dosh to go out drinking and nightclubbing the week before....