Out in the Field with chief reporter Annemarie Field: A different way to save water

YOU WOULD have thought with all the rain this week the water crisis might have eased off a bit. But sadly not.

And in our house the Little Princess, who incidentally I have now realised is actually seven going on 16-years-old, is doing her own little bit to save water.

She has developed this rather disconcerting habit of standing outside the toilet door whenever anybody goes in there to have their ablutions and shouting at the top of her voice, “If it’s yellow let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down!”


OH DEAR, oh dear. The bigwigs behind the Arndale Centre refurbishment appear to have thrown a strop and said if Sovereign Harbour gets some nice shops, they’re not going to go ahead with the long-awaited extension.

This is fast turning out to be a battle of the shopping centres, a trolley war in fact.

But what appears to have been forgotten here is that it’s not about profits or who has the best shops – it’s about what’s right for Eastbourne, residents and shoppers, and making sure our shopping offering can compete with the likes of Brighton or Tunbridge Wells, which is where I tend to head when I feel like emptying my wallet and spending a few bucks.

May I respectfully suggest everyone just gets on with it and let both shopping complexes go ahead – and the bigwigs put their toys back in the trolleys they are quite obviously throwing them from.


I’VE MENTIONED before that I know I am getting older because I love my shed and Jeremy Paxman – I even turned down a glass of bubbly the other day because it gives me terrible heartburn not to mention wind and these days an “all nighter” means not getting up to wee.

But the fact that the last time I saw 40 was on a door has been cemented as I have now joined the throngs of people with veggie patches who look skyward when it’s tipping down, breathe in through their teeth and say, “Well the gardens DO need it...”


WE ALL know these days that most of the time if you want to see a doctor your leg needs to be hanging off by a thread or you’re taking your last breath.

First of all you talk to an automated voice and then when you finally get through to a human being you’re normally informed that you can see the doctor a week Friday if you’re still ill but that you’ll be at the very end of a very long queue.

Well, not so at my doctor’s surgery which is Bethany House in Hailsham and I think is the best surgery in the area.

You can always see a doctor the same day, the wait is minimal, the staff are fantastic and when I ran out of vital supplies of tablets earlier this week which stop me from putting my hands around someone’s neck and squeezing very hard, they sorted it out within minutes. Bless them.