Out in the Field: Shut up Clarkson, you silly man

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I’ve always had time for Clarkson and is on my list of thinking women’s crumpet. Not anymore however. Not since his stupid self opinionated rant in his newspaper column at the weekend saying the town’s firefighters didn’t know what they were doing when they were tackling the Eastbourne Pier fire which destroyed the Blue Room arcade and saving the rest of the buildings from burning down. The self righteous idiot slated the firefighters saying he could see an RNLI lifeboat “squirting what appeared to be a garden hose into the inferno” and that the fire brigade “should have been better prepared”. I was at the Pier fire for several hours that day, along with 85 firefighters, coastguards, lifeboat men and women and the vast majority of Eastbourne Police and can’t fault the emergency services which all worked extremely well considering the circumstances on what was a major incident for the town. There were firefighters on the lifeboat, in the sea, on the pier itself and appliances underneath it trying to stop the flames from spreading to the front of the pier or in the opposite direction towards Atlantis Nightclub. And they did just that and saved two thirds of the much loved pier. Our firefighters deserve praise for putting themselves at risk and the fire out - not some nasty sarcastic rant from a silly man who should sometimes know when to keep his big fat gob shut.

Heartbreaking news that Eastbourne teenager Jade Allistone died this week while she was on the live transplant waiting list for a new heart. Jade’s devastated mum Julie is trying to raise awareness of organ donation as only 29 per cent of the population has signed up to donate their organs in the event of their death. Please visit organdonation.nhs.uk and help prevent young people from dying needlessly.

I am helping at A Taste of Eastbourne on Saturday and judging a dog show at Gildredge Park on Sunday. Hope to see you there.