Out in the Field: Lidl out of favour with drivers

Graham Buchanan with his parking fine outside Lidl Eastbourne SUS-140723-141519001
Graham Buchanan with his parking fine outside Lidl Eastbourne SUS-140723-141519001
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Oh dear, Lidl appears to have upset the cheap and cheerful apple cart by introducing a £90 fine for shoppers who stay longer than 60 minutes in the car park. It’s been introduced apparently to stop the Tollgate School mums and dads from parking there during the school run in the mornings and afternoons. Well, I don’t know about other people but my school run consists of pulling up outside the school, opening the doors and pushing the Little Treasures out before driving off at high speed towards Beckett Towers. Most people’s school runs don’t take an hour so that argument from Lidl is totally ineffective. The other thing is that if you are shopping in Lidl then, like me, you are doing so because you are on a pretty tight budget so trying to sting somebody for a 90 quid fine – or £45 if you pay within two weeks – is a tad rotten. That aside I do believe, thanks to our friends at Eastbourne Citizens’ Advice Bureau, these penalty notices aren’t worth the paper they are written on and are unenforceable in the eyes of the law. Just as well as the majority of people who have been in touch since receiving one have absolutely no intention of paying them anyway.

I love a happy ending and thanks to the town’s Rotarians, teenager Taila Skinner will have one. Taila has Down’s Syndrome, autism and profound physical learning disabilities and one of the very few pleasures she had was on her bouncy castle – until some lowlifes nicked the unit that powered it from the back garden of her Langney home. The Rotarians, bless them, heard of her plight and within hours agreed to fund a replacement. It just shows that while there are some really scuzzy people out there, they are far outnumbered by kind hearted folk who have shown what a great community we have in Eastbourne prepared to help their own.