OUT IN THE FIELD: Let’s have a seafront lone ranger

A warm welcome from the 1st Hampden Park Scouts

A warm welcome from the 1st Hampden Park Scouts

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Without wanting to rant on about the elections as I think most average people have had enough of it so far, I would imagine there are quite a few councillors rather relieved it’s Eastbourne Borough Council up for election on May 7 and not East Sussex County Council, which is of course responsible for among other things, the highways and live information bus signs. With potholes the size of a small country dotted around the town – especially in Victoria Drive, Compton Place Road, South Street and Church Street – and the live information bus signs displaying a screen looking something akin to an early 1980s Space Invaders computer game, I wouldn’t hold out much hope of those councillors getting re-elected anytime soon.

I have been following with much interest on Facebook people moaning about the street drinkers and the like who appear to have moved from their favourite spot outside M&S and the post office to our lovely seafront. Lots of folk say the police should be doing more about it and perhaps they can. But let’s be honest, they can’t be along the prom 24 hours seven days a week. What is needed is a joined up approach between the police and their partners like the council and perhaps a seafront ranger appointed who could patrol the area. And dare I say it with a high-powered water cannon?

It’s a long time since I was a brownie guide at Our Lady of Ransom Church but it’s good to see cubs, beavers, brownies, scouts and guides are still active in the town led by teams of dedicated volunteers. Last week I visited the 1st Hampden Park Scout Group where the young ladies and gents had been out and taken a selection of photographs in both black and white and colour to gain their coveted Photography Badge. It was a pleasure to judge their efforts and even nicer to see the principles of scouting and guiding are still going strong. Dib dib.