OUT IN THE FIELD: Is the white stuff the right stuff?

Road markings have appeared along Devonshire Place. SUS-150218-151857001

Road markings have appeared along Devonshire Place. SUS-150218-151857001

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Just when we thought they’d put the large pot of white paint away, there’s more lines appearing in Devonshire Place all in the name of cycling. Following the introduction of mysterious white lines at the War Memorial roundabout, some new road markings have appeared in the road – broken white lines parallel to car parking bays to create a ‘buffer zone’ and stop cyclists being hit by “sudden opening of car doors”. The county council’s highways department says it shared plans for the routes with local residents, Eastbourne council and local cycling groups to “ensure proposals were suitable” and a “tried and tested method of narrowing the wide lane around the roundabout to discourage overtaking was used”. The white lines apparently will “encourage motorists and cyclists to stay in the same lane on the roundabout, making it safer for all road users”. Good job methinks that, as is the case with all changes to the highway network, the new layout will be subject to a safety audit next month to ensure it is effective. We’ll look forward to the results of that and hopefully all will become clearer than the bucket of mud it currently is.

Good on all the residents who gathered in the village to bid farewell to the Hampden Park signal box after 127 years last weekend. Village butcher Martin Lovett said locals, on what historically has been disastrous for local traders when the gates are closed, turned out in droves, had some burgers and sausages, and really supported the independent shops and adds, “I feel this is the first step to a rebirth of the community spirit here, and we’re planning more events to ensuring we have a high street in the village for many years to come.”

Big thanks this week go to our followers on Facebook in tracking down level crossing heroes Andrew, Stephen and Michael Catt and the lovely Linda at ASDA post office for helping me negotiate the tricky minefield of trying to get a child’s passport.