OUT IN THE FIELD: If you don’t vote don’t moan

Last week's behind the scenes tour at the Royal Hippodrome
Last week's behind the scenes tour at the Royal Hippodrome
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As election fever continues across the town and even more unsightly boards go up on fences and in gardens blotting the landscape, there’s been some interesting conversations in hostelries I have visited recently and sadly the most common theme seems to be people questioning why they should vote at all in the forthcoming elections. My mother never used to tell anyone how she voted: it was between her and the ballot box and I still don’t know to this day whether she was a die-hard Tory or a Leftie. But one thing she always drummed in to us was that we should vote and women had chained themselves to railings so we could take part in the democratic process. I have voted in every election I have been able to and find it a tad frustrating when people question whether they should vote at all, even more so this year because on May 7 Eastbourne voters will elect an MP to stand up for the town in parliament AND 27 members of Eastbourne Borough Council, which sets the council tax, provides services and facilities and makes big decisions about potential developments. Any discussion of voting, especially down the pub, brings out strongly held and popular beliefs to support the view everyone should vote because people in countries all around the world are fighting and even dying for the right to vote, people fought for our right to vote and if you don’t vote then you can’t moan when council tax bills get hiked up, services get cut and controversial developments get the go-ahead. But more importantly that old adage comes to mind: evil prevails when good men do nothing.

During the Easter holidays myself and Little Princess went on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Royal Hippodrome Theatre with licensed guide Harry Pope. The tour highlight was the rarely visited area under the stage to see three trap doors, one installed by Harry Houdini in the 1920s. Such a beautiful theatre and a real gem in the town’s crown.