OUT IN THE FIELD: Driving dolly over London Bridge

Freeman David Cooper & party SUS-140610-151026001
Freeman David Cooper & party SUS-140610-151026001
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A sense of direction is something I was neither born with or have managed to acquire in my 40 plus years on this planet, so I may not be the best qualified person to rant. But enough is enough and I can no longer remain tight-lipped when it comes to the increasing amount of times I get in a cab in Eastbourne and no sooner have I given my address, they look at me blankly and reach for the Sat Nav button. I am not a raging racist or bigot but am alarmed at the number of licensed drivers who have neither a decent command of the English language to get their passengers from A to B or a sense of local direction. Surely the drivers have to undergo some sort of test on their local knowledge and how to find their way to various addresses without a TomTom?

Well done to all those who took part in last weekend’s fantastic Eastbourne Bonfire Society celebrations along the seafront. I took up my usual viewing position outside the bar at the TGWU (or View Hotel as it is now) and after the shock of shelling out £6.95 for a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc, had the pleasure of sharing the evening with Billy Reid and his wife Sally. Billy hails from Hampden Park and told me about another Facebook nostalgia group called Hampden Park My Village which is for people who grew up there or live there now. My dad Tony was born and bred in Percival Road and would have loved this little group with its fantastic collection of photos from yesteryear. It’s well worth a look.

Last Sunday I had the great pleasure and privilege of accompanying carnival pageant master Dave Cooper, his wife Lynda, Martin Wellings and Beth Robertson to London for Dave to exercise his right as a Freeman of the City of London to drive sheep over London Bridge. The ten sheep were all well behaved and the pomp and ceremony of the event was a great spectacle as freemen from a variety of livery companies took part in the traditional event.