Out in the Field (August 24th): School holidays? You can’t beat the suntrap of the south!

THANK heavens the Little Treasures go back to school soon. It’s been a very long summer break but we have had some great fun without going too far when the sun showed its face.

We went to the beach, had day trips to London, enjoyed countless sessions at the newly-refurbished Treasure Island (at £3.50 for children all day an absolute steal), windsurfed at the Sea Spray Watersports Centre, had lots of green-fingered time in the garden, and the highlight for me, the Ginger Prince and Little Princess, was Airbourne and the Olympics on the big screen at Princes Park.

Who needs the Costa del Sol when you live in the Suntrap of the South?

CAN I perhaps be bold and ask the powers that be to please do something about some highways blights?

Since anything to do with highways – such as potholes, dodgy pavements etc – was handed back for the county council to manage, it seems Eastbourne is quite a way down the pecking order when it comes to getting anything done and the service and couldn’t care less attitude is fairly obvious.

I think much of this has to do with the colour of our politics (Eastbourne’s council is Liberal Democrat and the county council-controlled by the Tories) but seeing as we are the largest town in East Sussex, our problems should receive a degree of priority, which alas they don’t.

There’s been an odd display of yellow railings outside the Arndale Centre for three months now and the repairs to the paved areas untouched; the iron railings at the station end of Terminus Road by the crossing were damaged six months ago and still await repair; and an area outside Banker’s Corner, with grey paving stones, remains dangerous following the removal of bricks leaving four-inch drops for people to trip over and sue the council.

And then there’s the railings outside the Eagle in Gildredge Road which have been broken for months - not to mention the pavements by the old Dental Estimates Board which are more crazy paving than public footway with around 50 slabs broken and left unrepaired.

All these issues have been reported to the county council – and all seemingly ignored. If this was Lewes or Hastings they would probably have been repaired by now.

Funnily enough, Lewes and Hastings both have Conservative councils – but I am sure that’s just a coincidence.