OUT IN THE FIELD: And the election bun fight begins

The latest dog toilet in Hampden Park
The latest dog toilet in Hampden Park
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You can tell it’s coming up to election time: roads are being resurfaced in target areas like Old Town, money is being dished out all over the show in Devonshire and government ministers are coming to town more frequently than the Loop bus. Who knows, they might even fix the real time bus information signs before May 7? It’s now less than 100 days until the elections both nationally and locally and the bun fights between the local politicians have already started. Buckle up everyone, it will only get worse and the fighting more juvenile and unpleasant. Sadly.

A few weeks ago Warburton Close resident Peter White raised concerns over the lack of footpaths in Park Lane, frequently used by students going in the back way to Ratton School where the lack of any footpaths causes chaos and carnage daily Monday to Friday, mainly in the afternoon when the children leave school. To avoid the bumper to bumper traffic in Kings Drive most mornings we divert up Park Lane and play dodge: no footpaths, youngsters walking in the road three or four abreast and cars weaving in and out. But because there have been no accidents or crashes, no funding is available apart from nearby housing development cash – £10,000 – being spent on a part time advisory 20mph speed limit. Is the county council really saying somebody has to be injured first for any action to be taken?

When it comes to dog faeces, we’ve had flags put in piles of the offending muck to bring people’s attention to it and do gooders have spray painted the “landmines” to stop people walking through it, which is all really commendable. But it isn’t working, at least not in one area of Hampden Park. The grass verge corner of Lindfield Road and Timberley Road is absolutely littered with the stuff and it’s absolutely revolting. Some irresponsible dog owners need to be named and shamed for not clearing up after their dogs.