Out in the Field: an ice rink in Eastbourne? - now there’s a thought!

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Jane Torvill need not be quaking in her little ice boots just yet but I do like a bit of ice skating.

And seeing as there’s no temporary rink in Eastbourne this year (Fort Fun’s dodgem cars was turned into a rink last year), I have found myself over at the popular Brighton Royal Pavilion Ice Rink a couple of times this month doing my best Bolero impression.

It’s set against the backdrop of the pavilion and has a Jamie Oliver pop-up restaurant and bar and is great family fun.

On my last visit when I managed to get round unaided without ending up on my derriere, I couldn’t help but think we could do this in Eastbourne, perhaps on the Western Lawns?

It would be the ideal place for a rink and pop up restaurant and with some fairy lights and the backdrop of our lovely seafront it could be a magical Christmas experience for the little people.

Just a thought.....

SO, it’s now JUST four more sleeps until Santa arrives and I am sure I’m not alone in wishing it could all be over.

Personally, it’s been a pretty annus horribilis and I wasn’t particularly looking forward to Christmas. However, with events at home and in America, I am reminded I have plenty to be grateful for. I am lucky I will be waking up with my children on Christmas Day, we have a roof over our heads, food on the table and some truly great friends who have been amazing these last few months.

I’M not doing Christmas cards this year as we are donating to a charity in memory of little Rudy Addems, from Eastbourne, who is spending Christmas in heaven with the angels.

All that remains is for me and mine to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas.