OUT IN THE FIELD: A roundabout way to the boozer

The War Memorial Eastbourne. February 28th 2014 E09018Q SUS-140228-172624001

The War Memorial Eastbourne. February 28th 2014 E09018Q SUS-140228-172624001

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The Flying Angel statue at the War Memorial must feel like weeping in to her wings after the latest shenanigans where the highways department from the county council has managed to turn a perfectly working roundabout into a complete dog’s dinner. The roundabout, as it was, had adequate room for two lanes of traffic using it to go into one the six exits : Bolton Road, Trinity Trees, Devonshire Place, Cornfield Terrace, South Street and Cornfield Road. Now it’s down to one lane with a huge white box of markings all around the actual roundabout. It’s all part of a grand plan, we are told, for better cycle routes in the town centre. But surely, the one lane means the roundabout will be even more congested with less room and cyclists will have to take their lives in their hands getting round it. I’m all for doing something for cyclists but these new road markings are crazy. Here’s hoping somebody from Highways will explain it all properly soon so we can see some sense in it.

Unaccustomed as I am to visiting public houses, I felt in the name of research I should visit the Berwick Inn which has had a chequered reputation in the past but is now under new ownership and I am pleased to report it’s very nice and the reasonably priced food is very good. Also looking good is the newly refurbished Crown and Anchor off the seafront and the next on my list is the former Ancient Lights, Rat and Parrot and Royal Sovereign which re-opened last night as the Town House and is under the same ownership as The Dolphin in South Street.

I was at the launch of the new robot surgeon at the DGH last week and it was pleasing to hear Peter Nash, the chairman of the Friends of the Hospitals charity which is providing the machine, saying that under no circumstances will the state of the art equipment be moved to Hastings and it will remain at the Eastbourne hospital. I do hope hospitals boss Darren Grayson is listening.