Is that a bus stop I see before me?

Grove Road Eastbourne. New Bus Stop outside proposed Tesco store. April 25th 2013 E17087P
Grove Road Eastbourne. New Bus Stop outside proposed Tesco store. April 25th 2013 E17087P
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Do my eyes deceive me as it would seem the loading bay outside the old council offices in Grove Road, which is earmarked to become a Tesco store seems to have mysteriously disappeared? And been turned into a bus stop. Where, now I wonder, will those huge lorries park up now when they’re delivering to a store which very few people actually wanted? I also wonder if they will be delivering alcohol to the said store – not because I am partial to a drop of the old bottled grapes you understand – but because I am still struggling to understand how the shopkeeper who runs what was Thresher’s opposite the railway station cannot get a licence to sell grog, but the proposed Tesco store, which is in the middle of the very residential Lower Meads, more than likely will.

It’s election day for the county council next Thursday and as usual my late mother’s words come back to haunt me. Make sure you vote she used to say: women chained themselves to railings in years gone by to get you the vote. Plus the fact if you like to have a moan up about the state of the roads, libraries closing, what happens in our schools, now is the time to make your voice heard and get down to your local polling station on Thursday May 2.

Although I did win a Beautiful Bouncing Baby Competition as a toddler on Hayling Island many moons ago, my days of entering beauty pageants are long gone thanks to everything heading south and more laughter lines on my face than an episode of Only Fools and Horses. So it goes without saying I won’t be entering the search to find this year’s Eastbourne Carnival Queen and Princess. But I hope ladies young and old will get down to the Arndale Centre tomorrow and have their photos taken by our lovely photographer Annette.