Immigration: the debate for and against

1. Britain needs ‘Can Do’ people from across the world. Look at Eastbourne: Eastbourne’s young say they want out of

this ‘dead’ town: No creativiity. No invention. Stasis. A town exhibiting ‘halitosis of the soul,’ grey, third rate minds.

2. Immigrants innovate: eg DNA / Graphene / Tesco. They bring great wealth to the UK.

3. We need more young taxpayers to pay for our NHS, the care of our increasingly elderly population.

4. Immigrants are the NHS, our transport services etc. Without them our systems would collapse.

5. 350,000 emigrate from the UK each year to work and retire in other peoples countries.

6. US Research shows immigrants are 30% more likely to start new businesses than non immigrants.

7. Ignorance, racism, grey thinking will not build a dynamic, open, world trading 21 st century Britain.

8. We have plenty of space: Drive from Penzance to John O’Groats and open your eyes to all the empty space.

9. Head of Migration Watch admitted on the BBC he had himself “lived in 10 different countries”.

10. Immigrants are different from us thinking led to the gas ovens of Auschwitz and 50 million dead.

Against Immigration

1. Immigration undermines Britishness and threatens our identity. I dislike foreigners.

2. We are a small island with not enough space.

3. Immigration puts a strain on our NHS, schools, housing, and transport.

4. 3 million immigrants since 1997 = 200,000 a yr. UK Population will be 70 million in 16 years.

5 Most people in Britain oppose immigration.

6. We are being swamped by immigrants. We need to keep our core British culture.

7. We do not need foreign students, doctors, university professors, scientists, artists, businessmen etc.

8. We do not need foreigners scrounging off our welfare system.

9. Those against mass immigration are fair, decent, and objective.

10. Immigrants are different from us.

What do you think? Personally I detest racism. I see many anti-immigation advocates as part racist, part nasty meanspirited, part economically illiterate, not a little uneducated.

Racism: Nobody asks to be born British or Nigerian, French or American. To dislike someone because of where he or she was born is absurd. It is like hating people with blue eyes.

Moreover, The Queen is Head of State of 16 nations with apopulation of 128 million, twice the population of the UK. Should these people not come to the home of their Head of

State? You cannot want the Commonwealth and then deny its consequences.

Those against immigration are the mean-spirited Alf Garnet’s of our age. Millions laughed at the prejudices of Alf Garnet on tv. We should laugh at todays Alf Garnets; young and old.

When you hear the Head of Migration Watch - a premier anti-immigration body – admit on the BBC he himself had lived in 10 different countries you have to wonder are these little

Englanders not hypocrites? Meanness is a mental illness; the ‘halitosis of the soul’ as Julie Burchill has called it. It is far too prevalent in some of our elderly. Read some Eastbourne Herald blogs.

We have an aging population. We need more and younger people working and paying tax so we can properly care for our elderly. Immigrants build businesses. We gain dynamically from this business success.

Some recent US Research ( D.Brooks IHT) has recently shown:

- 25% of new high tech companies of more than $1 million in sales were founded by foreign born immigrants

- Every 100 immigrants educated in science and technology create 262 new jobs in the US for the native born

- Immigration has lowered living costs. Living standards have risen. More women can go out to work.

- Immigrants are not socially disruptive they assimilate easily.

- Immigrants are less likely to end up in prison or mental hospitals than the native born.

Britain and British culture has an immigrant foundation; Angles, Saxons, Romans, Vikings, tea from China and India, beer from Mesopotamia, St George from Turkey, Christianity from the Middle East. Kings and Queens from Germany France,

Holland, Denmark etc.

What do our anti-immigrant ‘racists’ want? To live in a Britain with only people like themselves; racist, economically illiterate, mean spirited?

Don’t we want, the freedom to travel, live, work abroad, retire abroad?

What is this blinkered arrogance that says we can emigrate but its morally wrong when others do so?

Socrates said 2400 years ago: “I am a citizen not of Athens, or Greece but of the World”.

This open door policy created a truly great society whose thought and innovation we still enjoy today.

So You? Are you a citizen with a closed-door mind, living on a little offshore island? Or are you a citizen of the World?