I am quite happy to steer clear of the trappings of Hallowe’en and stick to firm ground

David Farey SUS-151105-131625001

David Farey SUS-151105-131625001

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It is about this time of the year that the shops start stocking for two events coming up. One is Christmas and the second is Hallowe’en. You could say that both are from completely opposite ends of the spectrum! One represents the forces of light and good and everything wholesome, while the other is about darkness and evil, especially judging from the grotesque masks and gruesome paraphernalia.

In the popular mind Hallowe’en is a bit of frivolous nonsense and an opportunity for themed parties and a bit of fun. I am all in favour of fun, but just like Christmas can be just fun and miss the spiritual significance, so can Hallowe’en. Traditionally Hallowe’en is the day before All Saints Day when the dead are remembered. So it has become associated with ghosts and all things spooky and ghoulish. It is by legend a time when spirits of the dead are particularly active and an opportunity for people to engage in all kinds of often dark ritual. As a Christian, but also an ex Spiritualist, I hesitate before regarding such matters so lightly. Fundamental to all this is the belief that we each of us have a soul whose life exists beyond the life of our physical bodies. My faith also tells me that how we live in the here and now will affect how we shall live in the afterlife. Getting it wrong now can have disastrous affects with eternal consequences. This does not sit easily in the popular mind.

The big change for me was realising that spirits and mediums do not have all the answers and that they can be as flawed as any human being around us, if not worse as there are also mischievous and evil spirits out to trick us if they can. As a Christian I have access to the Boss and that puts everything else firmly in its place! People do experience all kinds of psychic phenomena though and there is some material which may be of interest on www.the-after-life.moonfruit.com. So personally I am quite happy to steer well clear of the trappings to Hallowe’en and stick to more firm ground. If you want something to ponder for your Hallowe’en try watching a good film, and I don’t mean something like a Hammer horror with Count Dracula! One I can recommend is ‘Heaven is for Real’, based on fact and all about death and some pretty amazing spiritual goings on. It’s based on a book of the same name and I can guarantee that it will make you think differently about ghosts and spooky stuff.