Herald comment: You couldn’t have made it up if you tried

You couldn’t have made it up if you tried.

Two Chinese students were injured last week while crossing Kings Drive within sight of the DGH.

An ambulance was called, the 13-years-old were treated suffering from leg pain, facial injuries, as well as hip and knee pain which required further hospital treatment.

The choice of hospital is obvious, isn’t it? Wrong!

No, instead of being treated at the DGH, the ambulance took the pair on the 17-mile journey to the Conquest Hospital in Hastings.

It is a move which simply defies logic in an era of prudence when both the hospital trust and the ambulance service are watching every penny.

The explanation from the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust is laughable: “The vast majority (of ambulance patients) will go to the Conquest Hospital unless their condition or their geographical location dictates they should go to another unit.”

Hold on a second. Geographical location? Surely in this instance it would have been prudent to have been treated at the Eastbourne hospital.

The world has gone mad, commonsense has gone out of the window. The beancounters have called time, having streamlined working operations to save money without considering of the stark realities of the situation.

There can surely be no financial justification for such a nonsensical decision.