Herald comment: Eastbourne needs to grab every opportunity to bring in investment

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So the sun has set on another Airbourne. Or, as some dissenters would have it, the dust and fumes have settled for another 12 months.

Wonderful as it is in the eyes of most people, our four-day airshow never fails to raise the heckles of the minority.

The Herald once again this week lifts the lid on the cost of the four-day event which is undoubtedly the town’s biggest tourism earner.

Yes, it costs the ratepayer. The council will pick up the shortfall of £77,000 for this year’s event - said to be around £50,000 less than it did last year.

Not fair, some would say. Given the disruption to local life, surely it should at least pay its way.

But let’s get real. Those pionneers of 20 years ago were investing in an event which, for all its trials, has stood the test of time.

It’s said that one in ten air show visitors is new to the town and that families with children make up 50% of the audience. Many return, and not just for Airbourne.

Elsewhere this week, the Herald tells the story of the local foodbank and of many families’ struggle with life.

Eastbourne can’t live on past glories. It needs to grasp every opportunity to bring in investment and jobs and opportunties for its young.

And yes, it still needs to milk tourism for all it can. And Airbourne remains amongst the cream of its offering.