Herald comment: After four sex attacks in a month, police need to offer greater reassurance

FOUR sex attacks in Eastbourne in the space of a month is cause for concern.

As a newspaper, the Herald has to be mindful of reporting the news accurately, fairly and proportionately, putting the news into the context it deserves.

So the decision to run the story on the front page that police are investigating a fourth sex attack following the assault in St Philip’s Avenue last week of a 20-year-old is the right one.

It’s not stoking the flames of fear in the community at this sudden crimewave.

However, what is certain is that this spate of attacks will have tempered some women’s thoughts about personal safety.

Let it be written that Eastbourne is a safe town to live in.

Crime levels are relatively lowwhile at night the town is well lit and safe to walk through.

Police are not linking the four incidents as they understandably try to play it down. After all, the biggest fight against crime is the fear of crime itself.

Sussex Police are appealing for witnesses to these crimes. they acknowledge that none resulted in injury, but these were nonetheless frightening incidents to the women.

Isolated incidents they may be, but police should be more pro-active.

They would do well as part of a public relations olive branch to offer reassurance to women in the town by publicising active measures they are taking to protect public safety.