Branch Manager (Terminus Rd Barclays) Martina Gausden SUS-140705-133012001
Branch Manager (Terminus Rd Barclays) Martina Gausden SUS-140705-133012001
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Gambling isn’t one of my vices so thankfully I didn’t say I would eat my hat – or any other part of my attire come to think of it – if workmen fixed the potholes and uneven surfaces in Southfields Road before the start of 2015. Just as well, as come yesterday morning teams of contractors could be seen taking off the top layer of the road, resurfacing it and filling in potholes. It was a sight for sore eyes bearing in mind I had taken the mickey out of the “we are aware of the problem and will be back soon” signs which had started appearing on iffy roads across the town courtesy of the highways department at the county council. I take it all back. Perhaps they will please repair Carlisle and Arundel Roads next.

Someone at East Sussex County Council’s highways department does need to be given a sharp kick up the derriere though for the decision to close both northbound lanes of the A22 Golden Jubilee Way between Dittons Road and the Toby Carvery roundabout. Fair enough, the county council says the road surface had started to crumble – although that might not have been visible to most road users – and if left any longer the repair work would end up taking longer and costing more. Also fair is the fact it would cost 50 per cent more if the work was done at night and the council needs to stretch its budget as far as it can. But surely a contraflow system could be used – especially when estimates show around 15,000 vehicles use the road each day and the majority of those are now sitting in the traffic chaos on the roads out to Stone Cross and Willingdon.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em there’s been a bit of a mixed response to the new assisted tills in the main branch of Barclay’s Bank in Terminus Road. I went for a behind the scenes tour this week and there’ll be a full story next week.