East Sussex Highways road sign at Southfields Road SUS-140430-094432001
East Sussex Highways road sign at Southfields Road SUS-140430-094432001
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It’s funny how the little things in life can throw you completely out of kilter. I never a wear a watch as my desk at Beckett Towers looks out on the Town Hall clock so since it went kaput over the Easter break and stopped, I’ve been completely thrown. It’s been five years since the clock went wrong and those living and working near to it who rely on its Westminster chime and bongs to tell the time are probably as lost as I still am – as unfortunately, despite three visits, engineers have been unable to get it back working properly. Last week during one of their visits, I was lucky enough to go up to the clock tower and see the magnificent timepiece for myself and while some unkind folk might whisper that I put a spell on it, it would appear the engineers are baffled and a clock expert has been called in from Belgium. He will be working in the tower today (Friday) to hopefully get the iconic landmark back on time.

I’m loving the new signs that have been placed strategically around some of the town’s worst roads by the county council’s highways department which informs motorists they are aware of the “problems” – by which they mean blooming great potholes – and will be back “soon” to fix it. Bearing in mind I have been bleating on about the state of Southfields Road since last autumn, I wonder how long it will be before they are repaired. It all reminds me of a joke doing the rounds at the moment: In Britain we used to drive on the left of the road. Now we drive on what’s left of the road.

Well done and a huge thank you to all who took part in last Sunday’s Lighthouse Challenge to walk to the newly painted Beachy Head tower for charity. I know there were delays at the start registering so many people but as volunteers running it, we learn ways to improve the process each year and it was great to see so many folk returning with smiles on their faces clearly delighted to have seen the landmark in her smart new livery.