The road furniture at the junction of Church Street and Eastbourne Road
The road furniture at the junction of Church Street and Eastbourne Road
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More often than I would like it these days, the filter between my brain, my mouth and my keyboard isn’t always switched on and before I know it I have either blurted out or written something which could cause upset or offence. Unfortunately I did just that last week when I made an off the cuff remark about the Lamb of God, a biblical phrase referring to Jesus Christ. Some people felt it was offensive, provocative, and worse still, blasphemous and felt hurt and angry that I had insulted their Christian faith. They quite rightly pointed out that if I had made a similar remark about another religion, riots could have ensued and I would be in serious trouble. I have a very strong Irish Catholic background and rightly or wrongly, what I said was a saying frequently used in Ireland. Some people have also questioned if I have a sense of Christian duty. I am a practising Catholic, was baptised and married in a Catholic church, teach children’s liturgy in that same Catholic church on a Sunday and my children go to Catholic schools. My religion is a very important aspect of my life so I am very sorry for the offence my comment caused to those who felt I was poking fun at theirs.

With all the rain over the last month, I see the large pond outside M&S in Terminus Road is still getting replenished on a regular basis and some days you need a canoe to get across it. It’s been three years now. Could it be as simple as the local drains being sorted out I wonder?

Some readers have sent in photos of fly tipping in Eastbourne and Willingdon and the culprit it seems is the county council. Some weeks ago we published a picture of roadworks debris which has been outside the Eagle in Gildredge Road for more than a year. How much longer will the mess on the corner of Eastbourne Road at Willingdon will grace the roadside?