Annemarie and Peter Andre

Annemarie and Peter Andre

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I always make a joke that I have seen tidier looking rubbish skips than my nine-year-old daughter’s bedroom and that if, God forgive, we were ever burgled the thieves would think someone else had got there before them and ransacked the place. But burglary is no laughing matter and I would be devastated if it happened to us. Sadly this week, it happened to a friend of mine Pauline Lorence who lives in Willingdon Road. While her and her family were sleeping on Monday night some horrible oik broke into their house and stole among other things, Pauline’s computer which contains photographs of her late sister Mary, who was told in October 2012 that she had only three months to live. So knowing it would be her last Christmas, the family wanted to make it special, create lasting memories and took lots of photos as a keepsake for her young grandchildren. Mary passed away in January aged just 51 and all those photographs were on Pauline’s computer. If anyone can help get back these precious memories, give me a call.

Celebrity Peter Andre rolled into town on Thursday afternoon and while I am not the biggest of his fans, I had the pleasure of meeting him for a quick video interview before he met the masses of fans who had been queuing in the Arndale Centre to see him for some hours. I am now a convert: what a smashing down to earth guy who seemed genuinely touched that so many people had turned out to greet him in Eastbourne.

Sad news that political veteran Grace Fletcher passed away last month. Former Tory councillor Grace was a lovely lady, kind, generous, always encouraging and she loved Eastbourne and wanted the best for the town. She leaves a big hole in a lot of people’s lives and it’s fair to say they don’t make them like her any more. Some of our local politicians could learn a lot from the likes of Grace.